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It is a PLEASURE working for you!

SO, I went for a couple of days to a place 21 miles south of home- Port Angeles. My focus was enjoy some quality time with my lady away from the internet, AND to check out the local Hot Rod car scene, if any. In addition, I wanted to see if I could get some prices on some auto parts.

When its 75 cents to the dollar with the currency exchange rate not in my favour I have to think about whats available...

I heard about a Hot Rod shop from one of the locals and decided to check it out, boy was I glad to do that! The place is Ancient Auto Works, located at 2343 E. Hwy 101, Port Angeles, WA.

The place was once an old grocery store and is massive. The owner, Paul, was kind enough to let me roam around with camera in hand taking pictures of the creations in different stages of completion. It was well worth it!

Les Gardner

My Dad's 1966 Charger turned out great! would recommend them to everyone!

Lloyd Eisenman

An amazing shop who knows what there doin and gets it done the right way! Very nice and trustable people and i would recommend them over any shop!

Kiera Lee Stegall

I hope you are enjoying the photo I took of the old truck on your lot ! God bless you always.

Yia-Yia Victoria Roussakis Bishop

Sweet sweet shop! and folks around there are nice. Cant wait for the diner to open.

Al Wilcox